Sofitel So, Singapore

Modernist-meets-French-punk boutique hotel

RATING: ★★☆☆ – GOOD  

Sofitel So is in a prime but awkward part of Singapore. Located in the heart of Singapore’s central business district in a historically preserved building, Sofitel So seems to fade into the background amidst the towering skyscrapers and almost seems like it’s an extension of the, also well-preserved, historic Lau Pa Sat Market next to it. Nevertheless, the hotel exudes French boutique luxury in the middle of the city and is a great in-city hideout if you are in town.

The Hotel

Like many other Sofitel SO hotels around the world, the one in Singapore is decorated in a hip and funky, modernist-meets-French-punk, manner. Entering the hotel, one almost feels transported to an underground boutique which Karl Lagerfeld designed. And indeed his books alongside Chanel No.5 posters are strewn all over the lobby.

But unlike many Sofitel hotels around the world, the hotel is tiny compared to its counterparts in Bangkok or Bail, giving this hotel an up-scale boutique feel; Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s just something a little atypical of other Sofitel properties.

In our experience Accor hotels have always focused on exceptional cuisine, and the restaurant and bar at Sofitel SO, was no let down. Xperience, the restaurant, is designed in the same quirky designer chic fashion as the entire hotel, but also boasts a gorgeous french kitchen, which will leave many culinary enthusiasts drooling over.

Dining at Xperience restaurant, at Sofitel So, is a truel experience in itself. The Laksa risotto, a localised variation of a seafood risotto, is packed full of fresh seafood and is a must try at dinner! The tapas style menu with varying sizes makes it easy to order and make constructing your own tasting menu easy.

“Cocktails at the lobby bar are bespoke, in-fashion and very very well balanced.”

The rooftop pool with accompanying pool was a disappointment, there were no panoramic views of the city and the pools gold plated tiles have not aged well, rendering a greenish tinge of algae throughout the entire pool. Plastic cocktailware at the poolbar masquerading as glass was a huge let down for this 5-star hotel.

Dated? Yes, but still worth chilling there for a quick dip.

The RoomS

The rooms at Sofitel So, Singapore is pure luxury with all the trimmings… We mean it! From a whole computer integrated into the TV to full room automation controlled by the integrated ipad, this room felt like a futuristic home-pod decorated with modern classics.

Free snacks and DIY cocktails in the mini bar, a full marble ultra-luxurious bathroom and perhaps one of the most comfortable beds in Singapore’s Central Business district. you would be hard-pressed to leave your room other than to dine at the amazing restaurant downstairs.

35 Robinson Rd,
Singapore 068876

Nicholas Lin

Nick is a multi-faceted, entrepreneur, restauranteur, and luxury curator. Passionate about wine, good food, fitness and travel, Nick left his management consulting job in New York City to pursue his passions for food and started a chain of sit-down restaurants in Singapore. After exiting the F&B business in 2019, he began to explore his other passions for fine wines, luxury travel, and a healthy lifestyle. Nick obtained WSET level 2 and attends numerous wine masterclasses each year. He writes about a myriad of topics and aspires to produce films in the very near future.

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