5 stages of a breakup and how to get over it

It’s not easy to end a relationship. It takes time for scars to heal, whether it’s from a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, life partner, or even a best friend. Even if you were the one who started the breakup, you would go through five stages of mourning. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are the five stages of relationship grief.

These are the natural ways for your heart to heal.

1. Denial

Denial is your brain’s natural reaction to bad news; it allows your heart to acclimatize to the new situation. You may believe that your significant other is returning to you during the denial phase. Each person spends a different amount of time in denial. It’s a good idea to seek help from your friends and family.

2. Anger

It’s natural to be enraged at your ex-partner. You may resent them for inflicting sorrow on you or for dissolving your family. It’s critical not to make any hasty decisions during this stage that you’ll come to regret later. Wait till you’ve calmed down. Allow yourself to express your anger by exercising, doing yoga, or engaging in hobbies such as drawing. Writing down your emotions in a notebook is a good method to let them out.

3. Bargaining

You’ll try to save your connection or rebuild it as a friendship during the bargaining phase, but this could be fatal because love partnerships have features that don’t go away overnight. Trying to make friends with an ex, especially so soon after a breakup, can only serve to exacerbate the pain of heartbreak. You can reclaim your pride by beginning a new relationship without your ex.

4. Depression

It’s natural to be depressed. You’ve come to terms with the notion that the situation isn’t going to alter at this point in your grief. This is a good moment to reflect. You might prefer to be alone. Recognize that others’ kindness isn’t meant to irritate you. Instead, lean on your friends and family to distract you from your sadness, and fight the need to turn to drugs, alcohol, or food. Those habits can be harmful. Instead, eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise often. We recommend that you begin an exercise or yoga practice.

5. Acceptance

It’s only normal to have a soft spot in your heart for those you care about; after all, exceptional relationships shape who you are.

However, following a breakup, you will begin to piece together what happened, accept the breakup, and admit your role in it in the final stage of mourning. Use this as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and apply what you’ve learned to the future. This is the most healthy method to accept a breakup and grow as a person. The agony may not be totally gone yet, but the wounds will heal with time.

Don’t forget its okay to have a drink while you go through the stages of grief and you aren’t alone, we can do this together!

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