There are no bad steaks in Argentina

Parilla restaurants abound everywhere I go in Argentina. There are a plethora of steakhouses to choose from, each emitting a cloud of meaty smoke from their built-in charcoal grills before you even enter the restaurant. After two months here, I was surprised to discover that I had never had a terrible steak. From a high-end restaurant to a mid-range chain restaurant to a mom-and-pop shop, there’s something for everyone. I can assure you that I have never tasted a terrible steak in my life.

I am astounded by the country’s know how in handling their cuts of meat. After eating in over 30 different restaurant in over 2 months all over Argentina! It all boils down to the cut of the beef you pick! My ultimate favourite is Ojo de Bife. Its the creme de la creme cuts of beef here in this region. I would describe it as the Osso Bucco but in steak form! The beef steak with bone marrow right in the centre of it, permeating beefy buttery goodness in every bite you take! My second favourite cuts is the Bife de Chorizo, its the South America version of Sirloin Steak with half inch thick slab of fats on the strip. Back home, I recalled eating sirloin steak, the chewy fat was always inedible. But here in Argentina, it seems like the grill master seems to know how to render down the fats with the sizzling charcoal intense heat so well that fat strip just melts in your mouth.

One last thing, the Argentinean steak preference is well done by default. So if you are used to medium rare steaks like me. Be sure to inform your waiter how you would like your steaks done! Or it will be served well done just like how the Argentinean likes them. I usually draw some attention from the neighbouring tables, the local would irks when they see a little stain blood on my steak!

My favourite Parilla restaurante in Argentina

  1. Don Julio, Buenos Aires
  2. Un Gato Al Limite, Mar del Plata
  3. El Charrúa, Salta
  4. Santos Manjares, Buenos Aires

How to order steak in a Parilla Restaurante

All steaks are a la carte, it does not come with any sides like fries or vegetable. You have to top up vegetables or salads and fries. I would recommend Mixta Ensalada (Lettuce, Onion and Tomatoes) and Papa Fritas (French Fries). Most restaurant usually have a list of side dishes that you can select to add on. Do not forget to let the waiter know, how well you would like your steak! Always choose a good Malbec wine to pair with your steak.

Mak Sin Wee

In a short decade, Wee had live in major cities around the globe. Holding residency in Tokyo, Bueno Aires, Vancouver, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Antwerpen, Mexico City, Venezia, Cairo and Singapore. His flair for everything delicious, designer hotels and intrepid traveling sets him apart. A true digital nomad connoisseur for fine wine and arts. His fortune mainly comes from his fashion jewelry distribution business. Currently an aspiring writer trying to complete his very first travel novel series, launching an online gifting website at the same time and in hope to one day exhibit his artwork at the famed Biennale in Venice, Italy.

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