7 ways to keep bugs away from your picnic setup

Picnics are amazing because they allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while also enjoying delicious food and drink. Isn’t that the life? In Singapore, however, if you do not take precautions, bees, flies, armies of ants, and other irritating creatures may swiftly appear to ruin your day. Unfortunately, because these bothersome insects may be so annoying, many of us give up and go indoors for protection. It’s past time for us to reclaim our patios, porches, and picnic tables! You can keep the bugs at bay by doing a few sensible things.

1. Bring along some fans

Interestingly, flies and mosquitos can’t fly very effectively in the wind. Consider putting portable fans or USB fans linked to power banks. They’ll keep the mosquitoes away and provide a pleasant, cooling breeze, which will be extremely pleasant when the Asian sun beats down on you.

2. Prepare a pandan and herb centerpiece.

Certain herbs can genuinely repel insects while also making you look and smell wonderful. Fill vases with any combination of basil, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, and mint. If you’re in the mood for some native cuisine, consider purchasing enormous bunches of pandan leaves! Then spread them around the picnic tables and mat.

3. Create a distraction

As absurd as it may sound, you might want to consider simply giving the bugs what they want. Far far away from your dinner party. Place a couple deli meat slices or a raw shrimp on a paper tray on the other side of their yard. This manner, the bugs will be disturbed and will congregate over there rather than around you. This definitely works, especially in large gardens and parks!

4. Pack the Right food types

Instead of messy raw seafood, sushi and giant bowls of spaghetti, opt for easy-to-eat, bite-sized nibbles. Take a look at falafel, sandwiches, hummus and crudites, luxury bento boxes, and charcuterie platters.

We have linked some Atlas Handcrafted suggestions above to make your next picnic a smashing success.

5. Use some dryer sheets

Many people claim that dryer sheets keep mosquitos and gnats away, and some researchers have confirmed that the theory has some validity. Set some out for guests to pick up and place into their pockets, or just pin some around a tablecloth. It may sound strange, but it’s worth a shot, right?

6. Bring the right serving pieces

Keeping the food inside is your best bet, but it isn’t always practicable or convenient, especially on a remote picnic. Consider the bugs while choosing your serving plates if you want to set up a buffet table or just have some dishes out on the table. For example, instead of pitchers, try using beverage dispensers, bowls with caps, and wine glasses with tops.

7. Citronella Candles and spray

If everything else fails, this will not. Make sure you have them on hand for each picnic outing.

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