Siwa Oasis – Desert Living

Stranded in a desert alone with cold night, hot day. It was not a holiday I would imagine taking but I was proven wrong. Desert living in the middle of nowhere is just what the doctor prescribes for a city dweller like me. The experience was wholesome and particularly cleansing. There were a few tensions reaching here on a public bus which was mind boggling with an Asian like me. You wouldn’t imagined traveling in a packed bus with armed militants, livestocks and lousy air condition. I cannot even begin to explain to you, how I manage to survive this 12 hours long journey to the salt flats paradise.

A beautiful green lake dotted all over this ocean of yellow sand, Siwa oasis has more than just breathtaking sceneries, it carries a culture of its own; local habitants of Siwa actually speaks their own language, which is more like the language spoken by the Berber people, than the Egyptian Arabic spoken in the rest of Egypt.

What’s there to do in Siwa?

  • The Shali
  • Cleopatra Spring
  • The Salt lakes
  • The Temple of the Oracle
  • Mountain of the Dead
  • The Great Sand Sea
  • Siwa House Museum
Picturesque stops
Soaking in the turquoise salt lake

The tranquility and lacking of tourists here is an escape for anyone is looking to find an open field and meditate. Albeit near the uncertain borders of Libyan, its very calm, laid back, life is just unfathomed to the outside world. People here are kind and willing to help.

The Talist Hotel

Take a dip into the Cleopatra Spring

Hire a local driver, he will bring you to all the hidden spots, its a not bad thing, because I definitely did not plan my itinerary here. Simply went with the flow!

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Mak Sin Wee

In a short decade, Wee had live in major cities around the globe. Holding residency in Tokyo, Bueno Aires, Vancouver, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Antwerpen, Mexico City, Venezia, Cairo and Singapore. His flair for everything delicious, designer hotels and intrepid traveling sets him apart. A true digital nomad connoisseur for fine wine and arts. His fortune mainly comes from his fashion jewelry distribution business. Currently an aspiring writer trying to complete his very first travel novel series, launching an online gifting website at the same time and in hope to one day exhibit his artwork at the famed Biennale in Venice, Italy.

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