Signiel Seoul – a hotel in the sky of Seoul!

Beautiful sky high rooms with excellent breakfast service

Because it can get extremely busy, it’s best to book a suite for a smooth concierge check-in. There are a lot of people waiting, and there isn’t much seating in the lobby unless you want to sit three strangers shoulder to shoulder on a couch. The city view from the lobby windows is nice, but we had to wait for about 15 minutes to be checked in. All things considered, the staff appears to be competent and cheerful.

The bedroom has a very simple, pretty generic luxurious appearance; the bed is very comfortable but nothing special. To be honest, there is nothing particularly interesting about the contents of the bedroom, but it is still extremely comfortable. But, let’s face it, many people book this hotel for the view from their room. You are almost 100 stories above ground level, which is true. However, the view during the day may be harmed by air pollution. As a result, we appreciated the expansive view of city lights at night even more.

Upgrade to a room with a view of the river from the bath – where else are you going to find a luxury bath with views on the 99th floor?

The bathroom is definitely posh; it’s not huge, but it’s the kind you’d expect to see in a luxury music video. Grey marble throughout, with some recessed marble shelving areas. The reach-through closet was a clever design that allowed you to open the same closet while standing next to the front door and also while inside the bathroom. Design is ingenious.

Breakfast is fantastic, and it is, in our opinion, the hotel’s obvious star. No, the selection isn’t the most extensive, but there are no “hot foods” served at a sickly room temperature at this breakfast buffet! For the entire breakfast buffet, there is probably one chef for every prepared dish. The breakfast dining area at the Signiel Seoul, with its beautiful white gold and glass and a view of the city, is possibly the best and most glamorous breakfast spot in Seoul.

The staff was friendly and didn’t rush you when it came to picking up your plates. Breakfast at the Signiel Seoul is perhaps the ONLY hotel breakfast buffet in Seoul where we’d be happy to stay until the end of service, soaking up the morning over breakfast conversations.

Go to the Signiel rooms which are slightly more expensive but much bigger. Also upgrade to a Han River view room! They are absolutely gorgeous!

The drawback is that the lounge is pretty small, and it was too crowded, with basically nothing to eat more than some pretzels/crackers. It struck me that the hotel was going for, maybe, a more elegant look for the lounge. But there was, basically, unlimited champagne, white wine, and rose wine.

Photos Source: Signiel Seoul

300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu 76-101F, Lotte World Tower, Seoul 05551 South Korea

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