K11 Artus, Hong Kong – A luxurious Artisanal ‘Home away from Home’

From the moment I walked into K11 ARTUS , I was captivated by its stunning design and the presence, everywhere, of incredible pieces of Chinese traditional art and artisanal craft. These pieces don’t overwhelm you but are displayed as if they were in a gallery – subtle and part of the built design of the building’s stylish interior . This design ethos and style flowed through into our apartment. It was a delight.

K11 ARTUS is Asia’s first “Artisanal Home,” featuring full hotel amenities and a stimulating setting for cultural exploration and intellectual interactions, located at Victoria Dockside, the new art and design area by the Tsim Sha Shui waterfront. K11 ARTUS is the first luxury home with a social goal, contributing 1% of room income to conserve and revitalize fast-disappearing Chinese workmanship through its cooperation with the K11 Craft & Guild Foundation. Great for long stays!

We were lucky to have been assigned to a corner, south-facing, east-wing apartment at the center of the Residence, and our view of the gorgeous Victoria Harbour, day and night, was breathtaking.

The service is outstanding!!! Bob and Chris were really accommodating. What a beautiful view of the sea and a high-quality tea set!

The team at K11 ARTUS were friendly, courteous, professional, and kind. It didn’t take long for us to feel at ease, as if every member of K11’s staff was a part of my family – and I was a member of theirs. Nothing was too much for them – every request I made and every little concern I brought up was enthusiastically embraced and immediately addressed with grace and, where necessary, humor!

To avoid gazing into the Intercontinental’s back, try the east wing, south side, level 12 and higher.

The stay was just great. The hotel is fantastic, with the greatest views in Hong Kong and large open balconies. The apartments are quite large and well decorated. Stunning art and excellent service can be seen throughout the hotel. The cuisine at communal is excellent, especially breakfast. All of the employees are well-trained and give excellent service.

This excellent facility for long-term stays and its great personnel, lead by the outstanding GM, Ms Lo, are above praise.

Photos Source: K11 Artus

Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong China

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