Restaurants to try this week in Singapore

Can’t decide where to dine out this weekend? We got you covered with these 5 great restaurants in Singapore! from the cult classics to some traditional ones. Our team has curated these stellar dining options for you this week!

1. Cure

Cure is Andrew Walsh’s first venture as Chef-Owner and is a restaurant that is rooted in combining top-notch plates, solid drinks and personable service that is delivered in a casual yet refined environment.

2. Fat Belly

Fat Belly Alternative Steakhouse is Singapore’s first and only steakhouse that specializes in secondary cuts of beef and caters to couples and small parties.

Fat Belly Social Steakhouse has a communal dining concept that strives to bring families and friends together to have fun while sharing platters, large format steaks, and superb wines.

3. Akira Back

Akira Back delights diners with the best of classic Japanese dishes interlaced with ingredients and flavors from Chef Akira Back’s South Korean origin as well as culinary influences and experiences from his upbringing in the United States.
Featuring world-renowned modern Japanese cuisine with innovative reinventions, Korean accents, and global inspirations.

4. Dolce Vita

Authentic Italian cuisine with a delectable modern twist. Dolce Vita, with its easygoing, friendly ambiance, puts a uniquely modern spin on the seductive flavors of classic Italian cuisine. Dolce Vita is dedicated to preserving the authentic spirit of traditional Italian food, using only the freshest produce and finest seasonal ingredients, which are turned into delectable daily creations.

Dolce Vita’s gorgeous décor emanates a refined and glamorous attitude, making it the ideal environment for a memorable experience. Relax in the main dining room and catch a glance into the chefs’ culinary world via a feature wall with vertical windows. A stone finish backdrop and black granite countertop at the bar add to the opulence of the space as customers examine the award-winning sommelier’s amazing assortment of premium wines.

5. Jade

Jade restaurant has earned the cherished reputation of its precious gemstone namesake by providing customers with authentic Chinese cuisine of excellent quality and service of unforgettable warmth. With its 2017 renovation, the restaurant raised the bar by introducing a more concentrated culinary direction by Executive Chinese Chef Leong Chee Yeng as well as new decor, increasing the dining experience for connoisseurs.

Jade restaurant, housed within the old and magnificently preserved The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, itself a national treasure, symbolizes a blend of heritage, design, culture, and excellent cuisine that is unique to the Singapore culinary scene.

Nicholas Lin

Nick is a multi-faceted, entrepreneur, restauranteur, and luxury curator. Passionate about wine, good food, fitness and travel, Nick left his management consulting job in New York City to pursue his passions for food and started a chain of sit-down restaurants in Singapore. After exiting the F&B business in 2019, he began to explore his other passions for fine wines, luxury travel, and a healthy lifestyle. Nick obtained WSET level 2 and attends numerous wine masterclasses each year. He writes about a myriad of topics and aspires to produce films in the very near future.

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