Restaurants to try this week in Singapore

We got you covered with curated restaurant ideas this week, this week we are featuring causal eateries and supporting the underdogs of the F&B industry in Singapore. Check out some of these off the beaten path Singapore favorites

1. Takeshi Noodle Bar

Savour localized ramen creations at Takeshi for a convivial noodle experience. Expect umami bombs in every bite and warm but casual service

Outram / City Center

2. Manhattan

Manhattan is reminiscent of a magnificent hotel bar, modern yet with a hint of old New York glamour and sophistication, inspired by the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking. Choose from artisanal spirits, traditional and forgotten cocktails, and gourmet bar nibbles, all expertly prepared from the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse and a stunning selection of house-made ingredients. Manhattan was recently ranked 14th in the world’s top 50 best bars and sixth in Asia’s top 50 best bars.

Orchard / City Center

3. Humpback

Expect the freshest products from sea, land, and garden at Humpback, with ever-changing flavors to taste as the seasons change.
With hands submerged in the region’s coldest estuary, shucking live oysters in waist-deep waters, eating them fresh…one holiday experience inspired our breezy Seattle-style concept.

The beverage selection is meticulously designed to compliment your dining experience, with a concentration on white spirit-based cocktails, wines, and beers.

Chinatown / City Center

4. Gio

GIO offers high-quality dining experiences in Singapore, recreating the same sense of community that you would feel seated at an osteria in Italy. In Italy, an osteria was traditionally a place that served wine and modest food, with a focus on regional delicacies like pasta and grilled meat or fish, often served at communal tables.

Chinatown / City Center

5. Captain K Seafood Tower

Stay for the food, not the ambiance and bring friends for this fun seafood experience! Steamed towers of fresh seafood served communal style.

Bugis / City Center

Atlas Curates

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