Enhance your Cognitive Power with these Natural Supplements and Nootropics

The brain is the most sophisticated organ in the human body. In addition, it can store a lifetime of memories, something no contemporary computer can equal. In healthy individuals, nootropics are dietary supplements that have the potential to increase brain capacity. The capacity to focus, recall, learn, play, and keep a clear and active mind are all aspects of brain health.

Cognitive function, memory, creativity, and motivation can be improved with these substances. Nootropics can improve both the software and hardware components of your brain at any stage of life. Consider these five natural brain-boosting supplements.

1. Asian Ginseng – Panax Ginseng

There are several illnesses that may be treated with the Asian Ginseng herb. As well as improving memory in healthy individuals, this specific ginseng type can also help cure Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

For healthy people in their late years, researchers in Korea found that taking ginseng consistently for more than five years improved cognitive performance. Through the herb’s Panaxadiol and Panaxatriol acids, Asian ginseng is known to improve memory by boosting neurotransmitters in the brain. Unfortunately, American ginseng does not have a high ratio of these memory boosting chemicals. As a result, Asian ginseng is the pre-eminent source of antioxidants in the human

A substantial amount of these memory boosting acids are not found in American Ginseng. As a result, Asian ginseng is the variety of choice.

2. Rhodiola Rosea

Also called the “golden root”, this Arctic root is found in Europe and Asia, when temperatures are below freezing. It is most often used in those locations to cure depression and avoid high altitude sickness. It is also used to treat a variety of other ailments. Rhodiola has also been proven to reduce mental tiredness in healthy individuals. An adaptogen or supplement, Rhodiola is a herb that gives cells the ability to re-calibrate their response to inflammation.

Rosea is perhaps the most promising organic nootropic of all time. The root’s efficacy, on the other hand, has to be confirmed by further investigations.

3. Resveratrol

Polyphenol Resveratrol can be found in grapes and red wine. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are strong. Chemical stresses, UV radiation, and microbial diseases are all protected against by Resveratrol in plants. Researchers have identified significant amounts of inflammation and reactive oxygen species in people with diseases that impair memory. Regular use of items containing resveratrol may aid to prevent cognitive decline because of its anti-inflammation characteristics, resveratrol blocks pathways in the body’s inflammatory cascade.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

As a traditional Chinese medicine treatment for different diseases, Ginkgo biloba extract, made from the dried leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree, has been used in China for almost 5,500 years! Ginkgo biloba extract at a dose of 120 mg per day has been proven to improve working memory and performance in healthy adults. Cells are protected from oxidative stress and cell death by the ginkgo’s characteristics once consumed.

Ginkgo biloba has also been proven to be helpful in the treatment of dementia, according to studies. Ginkgo is recognized as an anti-dementia medication in the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification system (ATCC). Patients with dementia can benefit from using ginkgo in combination with anti-dementia medicine, according to a research study conducted over a year.

5. Fish Oils

Fish oil is derived from oily fish tissues. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, including as EPA and DHA, which have been shown to be beneficial to the health of fish oil consumers (DHA). Appropriate brain growth and development, as well as normal brain function, are aided by omega-3 fatty acids. It’s important to note that these oils cannot be synthesized by the body, making them crucial to our health and well-being.

It’s important to always with your primary care physician before starting a new supplement regimen. Before the meeting, make sure you and your partner have all the necessary information. Your benefits will probably not be apparent until 6-8 weeks of regular use. In fact, you may not notice any benefits at all, depending on your situation. Chemicals are metabolized differently by each person’s body. Nootropics are only a possible cure to Monday brain fog, but we hope they can work for you!

Nicholas Lin

Nick is a multi-faceted, entrepreneur, restauranteur, and luxury curator. Passionate about wine, good food, fitness and travel, Nick left his management consulting job in New York City to pursue his passions for food and started a chain of sit-down restaurants in Singapore. After exiting the F&B business in 2019, he began to explore his other passions for fine wines, luxury travel, and a healthy lifestyle. Nick obtained WSET level 2 and attends numerous wine masterclasses each year. He writes about a myriad of topics and aspires to produce films in the very near future.

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