Great Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong to try this week!

Discover some of our favorite Indian restaurants in Hong Kong this week with our picks of the city’s most authentic Northern and Southern Indian restaurants! Here are 5 curated Indian restaurants you should consider when you get those curry-cravings! Get them to go if you want to dine in the comfort of your own home, you won’t regret it!

Rajasthan Rifles

An Anglo-Indian mess hall. The British Indian Army stationed on the subcontinent began accepting officers of Indian ancestry in the 1920s. Mess halls were gathering places for everyone to dine and socialize. While the relationship between the two countries was tumultuous, the cuisines coexisted in an unexpected and enduring way. Club sandwiches, chicken chops, tea sipped with milk, and a fondness for whisky and gin have all taken root throughout much of South Asia, just as chutney has made its way into practically every cheese sandwich in Britain and curry has become one of their national meals.


Bombay Dreams

Bombay Dreams in Central, a Hong Kong institution for the finest Indian cooking, has received plaudits from customers with discriminating tastes for classic Indian cuisine. Bombay Dreams presents authentic Indian cuisine in a style that has established it as truly fine dining – Indian style! Created by renowned Indian chefs directly from their home country, Bombay Dreams present authentic Indian cuisine in a style that has established it as truly fine dining – Indian style! Desserts from throughout the world are a highlight. A fantastic buffet with Indian delicacies provides excellent value for money for business lunches or simply lunch with friends.



Chaiwala, which follows the idea that “Life is Chai,” provides a dramatic backdrop of creativity for exciting and vibrant nights out. Diners join the vibrant hustle and bustle characteristic with India through British salon Hugger Mugger. There is a sense of mystery and a creative spirit that runs through the Chai Bar, Kitchen, and Dining Hall, which are comprised of three separate areas. The meal encompasses the width and depth of India, and is prepared by Culinary Director Balaji Balachander of Benares fame. It’s a classy eating destination on Wyndham Street, Central’s emerging cultural centre.


Koh-i-Noor Indian Restaurant

Take a trip back to the 1980s with this buried gem on Mody Road serving genuine Indian food. The tandoori and curry dishes are a combination of traditional Indian frontier cuisine with modern cooking techniques. Food is cooked entirely in its own juices, with no added ingredients. Spices’ subtle flavors and fragrances are gently mixed into the meal, which is cooked on low heat, and each dish has its own individuality.

Tsim Sha Tsui
Webs16C Mody Road 1/F, Unit 3-4, Peninsula Apartments, Hong Kong China

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant Hong Kong

The cuisines of Sangeetha Veg Restaurant are inspired by the traditional Udupi and Chettinad culinary styles. All of the dishes are real Indian, and the influence of Mughal/Chinese cuisine is not to be overlooked. Recipes are centered on the scent and flavor of the spices, as we come from a South Indian heritage and South India has been the cradle of spices since ancient times.

Hospitality and lavish feeding of others is recognized as one of India’s primary virtues, and our restaurant upholds this tradition by offering delectable North and South Indian meals with a variety of sweets, rice, and vegetable curries served on banana leaves.

Tsim Sha Tsui

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