Lake Bled – Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia is undoubtedly the most famous sight in the country. The picturesque of the calm lake with an island church protruding in the middle, with backdrop of snowcapped Alps and with a medieval castle fills the imagination of almost any traveler. Lake Bled is not a very big lake, as far as lakes go, Its total length is just over 3km and width just shy under 2km.

Beautiful and exactly as described. Worth taking the hiking trail to get good shot. Also you should be able to rent a boat and/or bicycle and see enjoy some activities near the lake. Also, the water is not immensely cold for swimming during the summer.

Overlooking the lake and the valley is the majestic medieval Bled Castle. If you are looking for easily accessible higher ground spot to enjoy the view of the entire iconic island, this is the place to go. The castle is open from 8 till 8 in Summer and till 6 outside the tourist season and the admission fee is 13EUR. Plenty of medieval things to do, from coin minting to paper pressing.

Spent my 26th birthday by the lake. I recommend staying at the Grand Toplice Hotel, a historic well-maintained hotel right in front the lake. I felt I was in Austria but affordable, I had local wine and a slice of the Bled Cake at the Castle Bled Restaurant and Cafe, rented a boat to the Island Church (the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria), went to the top of the Bled Castle to enjoy the sunset . It was probably one of the best carefree days of my life. Highly recommend it, its a short drive from Ljubljana.

Excellent location with rooms and terraces facing the lake. The property has an opulent natural spring water spa pool at the lake level. I am obsessed with soaking in natural springs. Definitely stay here for bed and breakfast that serves bubbly wine sekt every morning, thats one thing I miss about Eastern European hotels.

Lake bled of Slovenia, truly a real life fairytale destination. Top tips: Stay at Grand Toplice Hotel, there is a all inclusive spa and indoor pool to unwind after a long hike nearby. Here at the hotel you can drink the local spring water. I am a true believer in healing through water. It was worth taking bath with mineral water closes to the natural sources is my secret to eternal youth. My skin get the mineral it needs and it just taste totally different from any treated water.

Mak Sin Wee

In a short decade, Wee had live in major cities around the globe. Holding residency in Tokyo, Bueno Aires, Vancouver, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Antwerpen, Mexico City, Venezia, Cairo and Singapore. His flair for everything delicious, designer hotels and intrepid traveling sets him apart. A true digital nomad connoisseur for fine wine and arts. His fortune mainly comes from his fashion jewelry distribution business. Currently an aspiring writer trying to complete his very first travel novel series, launching an online gifting website at the same time and in hope to one day exhibit his artwork at the famed Biennale in Venice, Italy.

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