The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore – Bayfront Beauty

Our getaway from the workplace in the Shenton Suite was wonderful. Worked with a view of Marina Bay while enjoying complimentary high tea, which made the week go by much more smoothly.

It is a modern hotel that pays homage to bygone eras, the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Situated in Singapore’s lively heritage zone, the 100-room waterfront treasure exudes a feeling of sophistication and a contemporary, cosmopolitan style, and is a short walk from the National Gallery.

Rooms with a view of the bay are an essential, if you truly want to spoil yourself, choose a suite with an outdoor jacuzzi.

Siibil, the pool attendant, was very attentive and made sure we had all we needed; he shared his experiences at the hotel and made sure we always had ice cold water on especially hot days.

We had breakfast at La Brasserie three days in a row and were completely spoiled by the always attentive service, who came by every few minutes to see if I wanted to try something new from the menu or if I needed any additional beverages, sauces, or condiments. 

Monday through Sunday, from 5-8 p.m., there is a great deal on Happy Hours

The care and warmth were also present at Landing Point, where we enjoyed afternoon tea, in the form of continual topping up of the tea item and regular check-ins. The staff handled everything with ease, and you can tell they are really pleased of their job.

Alvin, the chief butler, has provided outstanding service. His passion and commitment to ensuring his visitors’ comfort is very admirable. He was constantly reachable by phone and made sure that all of my demands were met. Despite the fact that it was after midnight, he continued to share the history and anecdotes of the Fullerton Bay Hotel with us for over 30 minutes. He brings a lot of warmth to the room and makes me feel at ease. Luxury hotels are known for their luxurious amenities and delectable cuisine. The experience, on the other hand, is what sets the Fullerton Bay Hotel apart from the competition.

Photos: Fullerton Bay Hotel

80 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049326 Singapore

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