Great Mexican Restaurants in Singapore which are more than just tacos!

Getting great pseudo-Mexican is not hard to find in Singapore, but getting really stunning authentic Mexican is hard to come by! We have looked for the island’s best Mexican restaurants and have picked 5 great restaurants which will fit any price point! Discover real Mexico and we don’t mean just tequila and some tacos.

1. El Cocinero

Casual and rustic, El Cocinero is perhaps Singapore’s most authentic Mexican street cuisine. The food was delicious and fresh. The spicy and crispy chicken wings were not to be missed. This is a hidden gem of Mexican cuisine! Also, with a variety of delicious sauces to combine with the dish, it’s a really cheap pricing!
Also included in the service is a nice and courteous chef-owner!


2. Comida Mexicana

Comida Mexicana, one of Singapore’s oldest Mexican restaurants, provides the most genuine and straightforward modern Mexican food available. There are no secrets to what Comida Mexicana does, offering honest food with strong roots in Mexico, using traditional methods and fresh, premium ingredients from from Mexico. Whether you’re looking for a unique tequila or mescal, or authentic Mexican flavor, they’ve got you covered.

East / Katong

3. El Mero Mero

El Mero Mero Cocina Mexicana is a one-of-a-kind portal into the vitality and richness of Mexican culinary culture. From our soft ivory walls, marble tables, and lush green plants to the open kitchen, where chefs work together in plain sight, their exact movements attracting the eye to what guests will be eating on soon, the room is rich with nuances. El Mero Mero redefines Mexican eating and hospitality by revealing its genuine heart via passion, flavor, and a fiery Mexican touch.

CHIJMES / City Center

4. Papi’s Tacos Singapore

On Singapore’s busy Seah Street, Papi’s Tacos is a quaint and rustic Mexican taqueria. Papi’s, a colorful café inspired by Central Mexico’s casual street eating culture, marks the long-awaited debut of authentic, fuss-free Mexican cuisine in Singapore. Diners are greeted with sincere hospitality from a kitchen led by Head Chef and Partner Mauricio “Papi” Espinoza, who originates from the small Mexican town of Papalotla and lends his background to an assortment of simple, yet delectable tacos and native cuisine.

Seah Street / City Center

5. Super Loco

The contemporary Mexican Cocina Y Bar Super Loco Customs House is located on the Fullerton Bay shoreline near Customs House. An incredible location with an even better view and even better service. When you’re craving Mexican food, this is a must-try. Friends, couples, and families made up the audience. Perfect for networking, the atmosphere is casual, the table service is kind and prompt, and they have a fantastic selection of beers on tap at amazing happy hour pricing, all with magnificent views of Marina Bay.

City Center

Atlas Curates

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