Lake Bled – Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia is undoubtedly the most famous sight in the country. The picturesque of the calm lake with an island church protruding in the middle, with backdrop of snowcapped Alps and with a medieval castle fills the imagination of almost any traveler. Lake Bled is not a very big lake, as far as […]

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Siwa Oasis – Desert Living

Stranded in a desert alone with cold night, hot day. It was not a holiday I would imagine taking but I was proven wrong. Desert living in the middle of nowhere is just what the doctor prescribes for a city dweller like me. The experience was wholesome and particularly cleansing. There were a few tensions […]

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Arany Kaviár Étterem, Hungary

The restaurant first opened in 1990, which is commemorated by a plaque in front of its door. They’ve never lost sight of where they want to go in the Hungarian culinary scene since then. In the kitchen, their principles have stayed the same: perfect raw ingredients, bold flavors, simplicity, balance, and harmony. While maintaining their […]

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Chihuly Glass and Garden – Seattle

Chihuly Garden and Glass is an exhibit in the Seattle Center showcasing the glass artist : Dale Chihuly. It opened in May 2012 garnered a lot of tourist to see his work ever since. If you have been to Venice, Italy, you might have seen his art work dotted in Murano Island. American artist Dale […]

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There are no bad steaks in Argentina

Parilla restaurants abound everywhere I go in Argentina. There are a plethora of steakhouses to choose from, each emitting a cloud of meaty smoke from their built-in charcoal grills before you even enter the restaurant. After two months here, I was surprised to discover that I had never had a terrible steak. From a high-end […]

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Sailing the Nile River on an Egyptian Felucca

My brother and I made our journey to the south of Egypt with less than we had expected after my misplaced baggage ordeal upon arrival at Cairo Airport. We flew into Aswan and boarded our felucca from the Nile river bank, sailing for three days and two nights to Ko Ombo, a distance of only […]

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Aoki, Singapore

If you spot me eating lunch here, then I must be eating with none other than the Ladies of Singapore. In my past life, I was a jeweler to the richest of the richest. Still staying in touch with my clienteles that turned friends over the years. Set lunch here at Aoki restaurant, sets you […]

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